Jacquelene Falcon

Unbounded Teacher / Limitless Musician


Music lessons with me are custom-made, just for you. They are molded to engage and inspire you. They are made for kids, young adults, doctors, retirees, football players, chefs, artists, photographers, swimmers, athletes...whatever your muse, I will bring it into your lesson in dynamic ways. Students are all different and unique in their own way, so why teach them all the same?

Students here do much more than just learn music, they...

  • watch
  • appreciate
  • recognize
  • seize
  • accomplish
  • create
  • play
  • listen
  • engage
  • discover

And we also...

  • laugh
  • share
  • play together
  • observe each other
  • solve
  • break apart
  • imagine
  • and of course...have FUN

Playing an instrument isn't just notes and rhythms, its playing with expression and allowing music to be an extension of yourself. It's being versatile and creative. To accomplish this students are trained in rhythm, theory, music history and are also exposed to various styles of music. Everyone learns to be well-rounded, self-sufficient musicians.  Through improvisation and composition students also learn one of the most important aspects of great musicianship, creativity. All students learn core curriculum, but in innovative ways.

My son Joshua has been playing trombone for 5 years before we were introduced to Jackie Falcon. Her incredible talent and professionalism stretched Joshua’s skills to the point that he now plays for several churches and is planning to enlist in the Marine Corps and play in one of their regional bands. She is an incredible asset to ‘bone’ players at all skill levels.

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