Jacquelene Falcon

Unbounded Teacher / Limitless Musician


Jacquelene not only performs in a variety of styles and venues, she teaches in the same dynamic way. As an avid music teacher she brings innovative ideas to the table by removing the traditional laws of music learning and stretching the possibilities to the max. Picture walking into your lessons and experiencing music like a gamer by completing musical challenges, upgrading and collecting trophies. The quest is not over until you master all the levels. She inspires, guides, and deeply cares about her students while designing custom-made lessons to suit anyone that joins.

 Originally from Tampa Florida, Jacquelene has been playing trombone for 16 years, performing in a variety of ensembles from jazz bands and wind ensembles, to orchestras and brass quintets. She held positions with the Tampa Bay Symphony as principal trombonist and is the founding member of Dual Play, as well as performing in numerous cities including Myrtle Beach, Atlanta, Williamsburg, Orlando and Tampa among others. She also keeps up a dynamic repertoire of styles including Baroque, Classical, Contemporary, Electronic and experimental projects.

Jacquelene received her Bachelor in Music Performance from the University of Tampa, and her Master’s in Music Performance from the University of South Carolina. Her teachers include Donald Zegel (trombonist for the Florida Orchestra) and Brad Edwards (trombonist for numerous symphonies and renowned author of several trombone books.)

“Jacquelene is awesome! She helped me so much with not only my technique, but she also showed me new styles and methods on the trombone. I totally recommend her to trombone players of all ages and levels.”
— Zada

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