Jacquelene Falcon

Unbounded Teacher / Limitless Musician

Studio Handbook

Parent Expectations

  1. Time in lessons is crucial and students should be on time to all lessons and events.

  2. Provide a practice environment free of distraction.

  3. Encourage and remind your child to get in quality practice time.

  4. Payments should be made on time.

Student Expectations

  1. Schedule at least 30 minutes of practicing for a minimum of 5 days a week.

  2. Complete all assignments given at your lesson

  3. Arrive to your lesson on time and warmed up.

  4. Ask as many questions as needed. I am here to help you in any way possible.

Teacher Expectations

  1. Provide each student with what is necessary to achieve his or her musical goals.

  2. Provide each student with an arsenal of musical abilities to create a well-rounded musician.

  3. Inspire growth and creativity.

  4. Provide progress and feedback to the parents.


Students are expected to attend all lessons throughout the semester they are enrolled in, so please plan your lesson times accordingly.

Tuition is non refundable. If for any reason you cannot make a lesson, the cancellation policy is 7 days. For the full policy, please read the tuition agreement.

Students will be expected to continue lessons over the summer, which will be scheduled on an individual basis. The only way to build upon the skills you have learned over the semester is to reinforce them and practice them.  If not, they will lose the skills they have worked so hard to attain.


As stated before, make up lessons will not be scheduled on an individual basis, but as a group. There will be one make up group class towards the end of the semester for those who have had to cancel due to an emergency. This is not for students who have missed a lesson due to sporting events, non-emergency doctors visits, or family vacations.

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